Computer Graphics

Beginning in 1982 Maria Manhattan contributed to the earliest "Internet" experiments. Her first computer piece, "Nancy Reagan Takes The Subway" produced at the Alternate Media Center at NYU under a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts received wide recognition as the first interactive comic strip.


As an art director in the computer graphic world Maria Manhattan specialized in designing educational software. Her clients included Children's Television Workshop, The United Nations, South Carolina Educational TV, Bank Street College of Education and Classroom Inc.

Previously Maria provided graphics and ideas for early interactive research and development running a computer graphics lab for AT&T and working on user interface design projects for RCA Lab's The David Sarnoff Research Center. At NBC she illustrated top stories for an early interactive news service. At Citibank she designed graphics for early ATMs.


In 2000 Manhattan had the great pleasure of designing the web site for a Broadway show - Gore Vidal's The Best Man.

She taught for many years at the New School for Social Research and in the MFA program in Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts.


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Nancy Reagan Takes the Subway

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